Always-Always Land

He woke up one day and decided that he didn’t want grow up, that he always wanted to be a kid, playing, running and having fun. He decided that he would be Peter Pan in this world full of traditional concepts, that he would never get married, or better, that he could not get married. He said that he didn’t want to have children, that he did not want responsibilities.

                 The dream come true

Life should be an endless joke with its comings and goings. He should always free to dream, always free to do what he wanted, without concerns about tomorrow. Sleeping where and when he wanted, to feel what he wanted. Nobody could harness him or force him to conform to their tedious standards.

After searching for so long, he found his Tinker Bell. He found his fairy that would deliver him to his dreams. Not to Never-Never Land, but to Always-Always Land. Now this was not a kid’s dream, because his fairy was real and she made his dreams into reality. They could fly together to plazas, forests, beaches and the world. She taught him that growing up was not bad. He would sometimes have to do things that he did not like, but he shouldn’t stop dreaming and believing in her.

The time passed, the kid grew up with the fairy at his side. The fairy thought that he was care of her, but actually, she was taking care of him, keeping the flame alive, keeping his mind healthy, keeping him happy.

It is morning, the old boy has to work. He says goodbye to his fairy with a candy kiss. She look into his eyes, she still can see the dreaming boy, and she says:

_ Goodbye daddy.